2021 Canada Census

Every five years, Canadians are invited to participate in a nation-wide census of the population to help paint a portrait in time of Canada's diverse population and the different places we live. This provides high-quality information on key socio-economic and demographic trends and analysis, which can be utilized by the District, schools, non-profits, and other agencies to make informed decisions about the service needs in our community. The 2021 Census of the population will take place in May of 2021. Residents can visit the Statistics Canada website for more information about the upcoming census.

This year, the Census will be conducted a little differently than in previous years to accommodate social distancing to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Statistics Canada has planned an over the phone system for enumerators to gather census data, which will facilitate a safe and contactless approach. In-person follow-up appointments are available upon request but must be conducted outside of a person's residence. For more information about the 2021 Census and COVID-19, visit here.

Get involved in the 2021 Census!

Residents are encouraged to participate in the 2021 Census process as much as possible to allow for the creation of quality community data.

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