Major Projects

In May of 2016, Council approved the District's operating and capital budgets, which allocated funding for the District of Houston to conduct its regular operation, maintain existing infrastructure, and upgrade, replace and build new infrastructure. Below is a list of capital infrastructure projects which were approved by Council during the financial process for the 2016 fiscal year.

New Water Reservoir & Transmission Line

The District of Houston has completed a bidding process and has selected TRUE Consulting as the successful contractor to design and oversee construction of a new water reservoir and transmission line for the District's water service. The aging water reservoir will be replaced and retrofitted once the new reservoir is operational.

The District anticipates the design phase to be completed before spring of 2017, with construction to begin following the design phase. The new Reservoir is anticipated to be commissioned by December 2017.

Update - July 4, 2017
The District of Houston Council officially commemorated the start of construction with a groundbreaking event at the Water Tower Construction site. For more information, please see the media release here.

Community Hall Upgrades

The District of Houston will be undertaking improvements to the Community Hall's sound system and facilities over the course of the year. A new sound system will be purchased to replace the existing one. Roofing, lighting and acoustic upgrades will also be made to the facility.

Jamie Baxter Park Revitalization

Jamie Baxter Park is the District's prime outdoor recreation area, complimented by an amphitheatre, ball diamond, bike park, playground, and an open field. The Park has the potential to become a superb recreation area for residents once additional investments are made, as identified by the Master Parks Plan. In June 2017, the District replaced the bathroom facilities, picnic tables, and garbage barrels at Jamie Baxter Park. Further upgrades will be identified in the Parks and Recreation Master Plan.

Arena Electrical Plant Upgrades

In 2015, a consultant was retained to review the electrical system at the Arena to identify any deficiencies and upgrades required in order to operate the ice plant at the Arena and to bring the system up to code. In 2017, the contract to carry out the majority of the recommended upgrades was awarded to Sibola Electric, and are scheduled to be completed by the end of August 2017.

By-Mac Park Revitalization

As a result of increased usage of By-Mac Park, the District of Houston has initiated the process to revitalize By-Mac Park as a destination recreation site for residents and visitors alike. Council has authorized funding for improvements to By-Mac Park, and has formed the By-Mac Park Revitalization Committee to advise on upgrades to the park and recreation site. Improvements will include boat launch upgrades, an expansion of the number of camping spaces available, and adding advertising space.

Sanitary Sewer Lagoon Outfall

The Sanitary Sewer Lagoon Outfall was designed in 2015, and the next step is the construction of the outfall. The new outfall will replacement and relocation of the existing one, improving the efficiency of the sewer lagoon outfall. In addition, river training will be conducted to improve the fish habitat along the river.

In 2017, the District successfully secured funding for this project through the Canada-British Columbia Clean Water & Wastewater Fund, and will be proceeding to the construction phase of this project within the next year.

Design of New Re-branded Entrance Signs

The District of Houston has adopted a new slogan and branding program, advertising to the world that Houston is Naturally Amazing. As part of the transition to the new branding program, Thornley Creative were contracted to design branded entrance signs, which were provided to the community for feedback via a public survey. Once a final design has been selected, Council will make a decision on the final design before replacing the signs.

Steelhead Park Solar Story Board

The District of Houston's solar panels represent a significant step to reducing the carbon footprint of the District by demonstrating the capability of solar energy to supplement the existing energy grid. The premise behind the story board is to promote the District's green energy programs. In 2015, a replacement monitor was installed which will project the amount of energy being produced by the solar panels, and is largely powered by the solar array. At present, the last two panels are undergoing design.

Annual Capital Projects

Equipment & Vehicle Replacements

The District of Houston has budgeted $50,000 for the replacement of one pick-up truck in its fleet.

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