COVID-19 Social Services Fund

The District of Houston has received a grant of $1.066 Million from the Province of BC to support the Safe Restart of Local Government Operations. The Province has identified that municipalities are permitted to use a portion of this funding in order to support the "costs of programs and services for persons living with disabilities, mental illness or addictions, persons experiencing homelessness or other vulnerable persons".

To that effect, Council has set aside $100,000 of this funding to support services and programs for vulnerable persons on a going-forward basis. We will be accepting proposals to access and utilize this funding from social service organizations who are dealing with increased costs or lost revenue to provide services to vulnerable persons, or who are seeking to address a gap in service which has been created as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

If your organization is interested in submitting a funding proposal, you can do so by emailing Holly Brown, Communications Officer, at For any funding proposals, we will need information regarding:

  • The timeline for the program or service to be provided
  • The number of persons expected to access this service
  • The amount of funding requested, along with a breakdown of activities & costs being funded to provide the program or service
  • The amount of funding being raised from other sources
  • The amount of funding being contributed by the requesting organization; and
  • How this program or service addresses a gap created by the COVID-19 pandemic (i.e a service that may be temporarily unavailable or a service seeking to address mental health impacts of the pandemic on persons) OR how it addresses a funding shortfall/cost overrun that has been created by the pandemic (i.e increased costs for PPE, sanitization equipment and supplies, cleaning personnel, etc.)
Please note that while this funding is available, we will be seeking to maximize its use throughout the community and Council may not be able to finance the full scope of requests that are made for funding. We will namely be looking to fund services and programs that are not fully financed or unable to access financing from other levels of government or from other sources. Ultimately, the dollar value of items being funded may be limited by the amount of funding that is available for this type of service. Additionally, other programs or services that meet the broad objective of closing service gaps for vulnerable persons may be funded at Council's discretion. As such, applicants are encouraged to reach out to District staff in advance of a funding proposal to ensure that your proposal provides sufficient information for Council to consider.

To apply for funding, please submit a letter to Council outlining the above project criteria and a project budget. For questions and clarification about applying for funding, please contact:

Holly Brown


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