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The community of Houston is nestled in the beautiful Bulkley Valley amongst some of BC's finest outdoor recreational opportunities. Strategically located halfway between the hub cities of Prince George and Terrace, Houston is home to the outdoor enthusiast.

With a population of 3200 people, there is always room on the riverbank, lake or the many walking and hiking trails in the area.

The history of Houston stretches back to the turn of the Century with the expansion of the railroad through to the West Coast. Originally a farming community with the rich soils often found in valley bottoms, Houston has grown to become an industrial centre that exemplifies cohabitation with the farming community.

We invite you to come back soon and often.

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Jul 1, 2021
Latest News
  • Three dogs have are being kept at the District's Dog Pound. To claim these dogs, please call 250-845-2238 or email with contact information. These dogs will be kept for a limited time before being transferred to a private animal shelter or resold as per the District's Pound & Animal Control Bylaw. For more information, please visit our Facebook Page.
    Create Emergency Preparedness grab and go bags to leave in your car or at work with: food/water, flashlight/batteries, AM/FM radio, medications, clothing, blankets, charger, pen/notepad, toiletries, small First-Aid kit, extra glasses/contacts, cash in small bills, local map with your family meeting place, and a whistle. Visit to download guides and plans.
    The District of Houston encourages residents to ensure that they are prepared for emergencies that could affect our area such as flooding. More information on Emergency Preparedness can be found at:…/emerg…/preparedbc/prepare-your-home
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