Zoning is a way of regulating the use of land by designating properties for a specific use or range of uses, density, siting and building form – for example, whether a property can be used for residential, commercial, or industrial purposes, and what kind of building can be located on it.

In 2013 the District of Houston adopted Development Bylaw No. 1040, as amended - Consolidated (2021) which regulates the following zoning areas:

2.0 Definitions 3.0 Preamble 4.0 Administration 5.0 General Regulations
6.0 Establishment of Zones 7.0 R1- One Family Residential Zone 8.0 R2 Two Family Residential Zone 9.0 R3 Manufactured Home Park
10 R4 Multi-Family Residential Zone 11 A1 Rural Agriculture Zone 12 A2 Rural Residential Zone 13 C1 Core Commercial Zone
14 C2 Service Commercial Zone 15 C3 Campground Zone 16 M1 Light Industrial Zone 17 M2 Heavy Industrial Zone
18 P1 Public and Institutional 19 P2 Park and Recreation 20 Manufactured Home Park Regulations 21 Development Permit Guidelines
Noise Regulations Unsightly Premises Regulations Nuisance Regulations 25 Sign Regulations
Sustainability Checklist Sign Guidelines Backyard Chickens Guidelines Smart Growth Illustrative Plans

Note: Click on the zone or regulation you would like to know about for more info. The full Development Bylaw can be viewed online at our Document Center, but may take a long time to load.

Forms Guidelines and Applications



At the time a new land use regulation bylaw is adopted, if an existing use of land or a building is lawfully used and it does not conform to the bylaw, then it may be continued as legal non-conforming use unless:

  • The use is discontinued for a period of six months (subject to normal seasonal and agricultural practices)
  • More than 75% of the value of the building or structure above its foundation is damaged or destroyed
In most cases, a legal non-conforming use cannot be expanded; however, it can be maintained under certain circumstances. If the use and density of an existing building conforms to a new land use regulation bylaw, but the building's siting, size or dimensions do not, the building may be maintained, extended or altered as long as it does not result in further contravention of the bylaw.

Any new use of land or a building is subject to the new bylaw.

Click the link for more information on legal non-conforming uses as described under the Local Government Act, Part 14, Division 14 - Non-conforming Use and Other Continuations.

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