Staff Responsible for Department

Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)

The Chief Administrative Officer is responsible for coordinating and directing the administrative organization of the District and advising Council on Policy. These functions are carried out in accordance with the Community Charter and Local Government Act in conjunction with the District of Houston policies and procedures and by-laws already adopted by council, as well as through goals articulated in the Strategic Plan.

The Chief Administrative officer also ensures that existing and new by-laws and resolutions of Council are implemented and administered by municipal staff.

The Chief Administrative Officer is committed to carrying out the responsibilities of the office so that we can create an environment for Business, Industry, and Residents to achieve success in the activities undertaken in the community. The Chief Administrative Officer will strive to develop and maintain trust and faith between all Administration Departments, and the community at large.

The present Interim Chief Administrative Officer is Madelaine Swift.

Director of Corporate Services (CO)

The Director of Corporate Services is responsible for handling highly confidential and sensitive matters and to maintain files and records of a confidential nature. The Director of Corporate Services must have a broad general knowledge of the organization and operation of the District of Houston and must have specific knowledge of issues, bylaws, policies/procedures and ongoing projects of concern to Council and Senior Staff. The Director of Corporate Services is designated as the Corporate Officer of the District of Houston. In addition to the duties prescribed by the Community Charter, the Local Government Act, and any other statute, bylaw or resolution of Council, the power, duties, and responsibilities of the Director of Corporate Services includes managing all matters related to Legislative Services, managing all Human Resource affairs, managing all matters related to Corporate Services, and oversee and managing the District's Record and Document Management System. This position also acts as the District's Freedom of Information Head.

The present Director of Corporate Services is Madelaine Swift.
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