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This webpage is the definitive source for information and community engagement regarding the housing sector in the District of Houston. It offers current updates and insights into the development of Houston's housing strategy.


To address the evolving housing needs, the District of Houston has initiated an update to the 2020 Housing Needs Report and the creation of a Housing Strategy and Implementation Plan, in partnership with CitySpaces Consulting with funding through the Northern Healthy Communities Fund (NHCF). This project aims to evaluate current housing conditions, anticipate future needs in light of economic shifts, and enhance housing options for improved community living.

The Current Housing Landscape

Over 70% of households in Houston are owner-occupied, while approximately 30% are rentals. A considerable portion of the housing stock predates the 1980s, indicating a potential need for updates and expansion. Additional challenges in the current housing landscape include the absence of emergency shelters and supportive housing, along with a rise in unauthorized encampments on municipal lands. These issues underscore the need for a comprehensive and responsive housing strategy.

Upcoming Events

CitySpaces Engagement

Community Visioning Workshop
January 24th 6:00PM to 8:30PM
Houston Fire Hall, 2nd Floor
Please RSVP by Jan 22nd
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Housing Design Workshop
January 25th 6:30PM to 8:30PM
Claude Parish Memorial Arena Viewing Room
Please RSVP by Jan 22nd
To sign up, RSVP here:

We encourage community members to stay engaged and informed through our website and our Facebook Page. Your involvement and feedback are important as we work to enhance the housing environment in Houston.

For more information, refer to our recent press release.

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