Bylaws & Policies

These are the District's most commonly referred-to bylaws. To view all bylaws and policies adopted by the District, please visit the District of Houston Document Centre at For more information about District bylaws, please contact the Director of Corporate Services at 250.845.2238 or by e-mail

DISCLAIMER: While we attempt to keep our online bylaws and maps as current as possible, if it is critical that the most current information is obtained, please verify with the Director of Corporate Services.

District of Houston Bylaws

Animal Control Animal Control Bylaw No. 1112 (2018)
Event Regulations Events Regulation Bylaw No. 1053 (Consolidated)
Nuisances Nuisance Bylaw No. 1114 (2021)
Standards of Maintenance Standards of Maintenance Bylaw No. 1108 (2020)
Business Licensing Business Licencing Bylaw No. 1085. 2016 (As Amended)
Cemetery Houston Cemetery Bylaw No. 970 (As Amended)
Mountainview Cemetery Bylaw No. 1023 (As Amended)
Development Development Bylaw No. 1040, 2013 - Consolidated Version (2021)
Fees & Charges Consolidated Comprehensive Fees and Charges Bylaw No. 1182, 2023 (As Amended)
Fireworks Fireworks Bylaw No. 1050, 2014 (As Amended)
Municipal Ticketing Municipal Ticketing Information Systems Implementation Bylaw No. 1060, 2014 (As Amended)
Noise Nuisance Bylaw No. 1114 (2021)
Official Community Plan Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 1001, 2010 (as amended)
Official Community Plan Amending Bylaw Official Community Plan Amending Bylaw No. 1145, 2020
Open Burning Open Burning & Air Quality Bylaw No. 947, 2006 (As Amended)
Unsightly Premises Nuisance Bylaw No. 1114 (2021)
Water Regulations Water Regulations & Rates No. 1063, 2014 (As Amended)
Sewer Regulations Sewer Regulations and Rates No. 1046, 2013 (As Amended)
Solid Waste Regulations Solid Waste Regulations and Rates Bylaw No. 1044, 2013 (As Amended)
Water Conservation Measures Water Conservation Measures Bylaw No. 1064, 2015 (As Amended)
Zoning Development Bylaw No. 1040, 2013 - Consolidated Version (2021)

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