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The District of Houston operates two municipal cemeteries: the Houston Municipal Cemetery and Mountainview Cemetery.

Houston Municipal Cemetery

The Houston Municipal Cemetery was established in 1926 to provide residents with a place to inter the remains of their loved ones. This cemetery allows for more traditional, ornate styled headstones and graves, and is maintained by municipal staff.

Map - Houston Municipal Cemetery
Houston Municipal Cemetery Bylaw No. 970, 2009

Mountainview Cemetery

Mountainview Cemetery was established in 2009, due to the Houston Municipal Cemetery having reached its capacity. This cemetery is located at the top of Mountainview Hill.

Map - Mountainview Cemetery
Mountainview Cemetery Bylaw No. 1023, 2012

Cemetery Rates

All fees, except for those identified as additional charges, are based on normal service hours of 8:30AM to 3:00PM from Monday to Friday, excluding statutory holidays. Services may be available outside of these hours at an additional cost. Certain services may be restricted to the Houston Municipal Cemetery only.

Cemetery Licence Includes Care Fund Licence Fee
Full Plot - Resident $62.50 $250
Full Plot - Non-Resident $96.25 $385.00
Cremation Plot - Resident $25.00 $100.00
Small Plot - Resident (Houston Municipal Cemetery Only) $37.50 $150.00
Small Plot - Non-Resident (Houston Municipal Cemetery Only) $56.25 $225.00
Cremation Plot - Non-Resident $33.75 $135.00
Columbarium Niche - Resident $70.00 $700.00
Columbarium Niche - Non-Resident $97.50 $975.00
Cemetery Licence Transfer N/A $20.00

Interment Permit Fee
Interment in full plot (includes grave liner) $570.00
Interment in small plot (includes grave liner) (Houston Municipal Cemetery Only) $460.00
Cremated remains (includes grave liner) $385.00
Interment in columbarium niche $50.00
Additional Charge for every hour, or portion thereof, interment takes place after 3:00PM Monday to Friday $75/hour
Additional Charge for interments on Saturday, Sunday or Statutory Holiday $250.00

Disinterment / Exhumation Fee
Disinterment / Exhumation from Plot $500.00
Cremated remains Disinterment / Exhumation from plot $175.00
Cremated remains Disinterment / Exhumation from niche $100.00
Additional Charge for Disinterment on Saturday $250.00
*Disinterment / Exhumation is only available from Monday to Friday, 8:30AM to 3:00PM, or on Saturdays at prearranged times, and is subject to restrictions provided for under the Cemeteries, Interment and Cremation Act and Mountainview Cemetery Bylaw No. 1023, 2012.

Cemetery Memorials and Service Fees Includes Care Fund Fee
Single Plot Memorial Installation $10.00 $160.00
Double Plot Memorial Installation $10.00 $225.00
Niche Memorial Plate Installation, including engraving $10.00 $250.00
Curbing - Single Plot (Houston Municipal Cemetery Only) N/A $300.00
Curbing - Double Plot (Houston Municipal Cemetery Only) N/A $350.00
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