Bulk Water and Wastewater Station

Bulk Water & Wastewater Station - 2205 North Nadina Way

The District invites the public to utilize our new bulk potable water and wastewater disposal station for residential, commercial, and industrial purposes. Rates for use of the station are as follows:

  • $2.00 per m3 for residential water users
  • $8.00 per m3 for commercial & industrial water users
  • $8.00 per m3 for residential wastewater users
  • $8.00 per m3 for commercial & industrial wasterwater users
To confirm rates, please call the Municipal Office at 250-845-2238 or email

Our system requires station users to apply for a membership account and prepay before using the station. This can be done by submitting an application form to the Municipal Office, which can be accessed in-person at the office or online here: Water & Wastewater Customer Account Application.

After submitting your application to the office to create a customer account the water & wastewater station will be ready for you to use. Questions or clarification about how to use the station can be directed towards

Follow these steps for a quick beginners guide to using the water & wastewater station:

How to Guide: Water & Wastewater Station.

Control Panel Keypad Walkthrough:

Station Control Panel Guide

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