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Key Community Milestones

1865 - Collins Overland Telegraph Line constructed
1885 - Father A.G. Morice arrives in area
1899 - Telegraph Trail and Line reconstructed
1900 - Charlie Barrett establishes the Diamond "D" Ranch
1900 - Archie & Neil McInnes settle in North Bulkley area
1904 - Harry Davis names the settlement "Pleasant Valley".
1910 - The settlement's name is changed to "Houston".
1914 - Grand Trunk Pacific Railway completed.
1942 - Houton Planer is built by E.G. Bellicini, and later sold to Harry Hagman
1950 - Harry Hagman develops Buck River Lumber
1950 - Electricity arrives in Houston
1957 - Houston is incorporated as a Village municipality
1957 - The Houston Community Hall is completed. 1961 - Highway 16 is paved
1969 - The Village of Houston becomes a District municipality
1970 - Bulkley Valley Forest Industries opens new mill (now owned by Canfor)
1972 - The Claude A. Parish Memorial Arena is constructed. 1978 - Houston Forest Products officially opens
1980 - Equity Silver Mines begins operations
1994 - Equity Silver Mines ceases operations
1997 - Huckleberry Mines officially opens.
1998 - Dyking program completed, protecting most properties within the Bulkley River floodplain in Houston from future floods.
2006 - A new Leisure Facility is constructed to replace the aged Aquatic Centre, providing residents with a state of the art aquatic recreation and fitness facility.
2007 - The District of Houston celebrates its 50th Anniversary.
2014 - West Fraser closes the Houston Forest Products mill.
2014 - Houston, alongside the Regional District of Bulkley-Nechako, Regional District of Kitimat-Stikine, North Coast Regional District, and their member municipalities, joins the Northwest Resource Benefits Alliance, a coalition of local governments to ensure the Northwest benefits from the tremendous level of economic development activity in the region.
2015 - Huckleberry Mines closes its operations due to low market commodity prices.
2015 - A new water treatment facility is constructed, drastically improving municipal water quality.
2018 - Water Reservoir #2 is completed.
2020 - 9th Street revitalization project completed.
2023 - Canfor closes the Houston mill.
2023 - Canfor announces Houston mill rebuild.
2023 - 10th Street revitalization project completed.
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