Council Strategic Plan

In addition to regular tasks related to the general administration of the District (e.g. council meetings and minutes, public inquiries, budgeting, bylaw enforcement and general operations) municipal staff focus their efforts to making progress on various matters which council has determined to be corporate priorities. New matters that arise and come before council from time to time may be considered for action if there are sufficient resources available or if the matters are of great importance and urgency to warrant displacement of one or more items already on the priority list.

Revised 2019-2022 Strategic Plan

Council's strategic plan for 2019 is built on five major issues affecting the community of Houston.

1) Asset Management

The District owns many valuable and important assets necessary to deliver services to the residents of Houston. In 2019 the District will continue to take important steps to ensure it is managing the community’s assets in a fiscally responsible and sustainable manner for current and future generations.

2) Infrastructure

The District manages many public assets that are coming to the end of their useful life. In 2019 the District will plan for the upcoming renewal of major infrastructures such as a community hall, fire hall and water sources.

3) Economic Development

The District will continue to promote economic diversity to broaden the base of primary employment in the District. The local economy is focused on forestry. Diversification to other types of employment will help the District adjust to future changes to forestry.

4) Emergency Preparedness

The District faces risks of natural disasters and emergencies such as flooding and wildfire. In 2019, the District will continue to prepare itself, its citizens and businesses to reduce the risk of and improve response to disasters.

5) Community Sustainability

The District has faced dynamic changes in recent years and will take concrete steps to improve the social and environmental sustainability of the community. Over the term of this plan, the District will take action to reduce local emissions, support local health and social services, and ensure that agencies responsible for resourcing local services are aware of the community's broad needs.

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