Official Community Plan

The Official Community Plan (OCP) is the overriding document that governs land use in the District of Houston, as in most BC municipalities, and is generally enacted under the provisions of the Local Government Act. The OCP sets out the principle policies for growth in Houston, including a generalized land use plan and guidelines for various development permit areas. Because the OCP designates land area for different future uses, it is sometimes confused with a Zoning Bylaw. However, the OCP is quite general in nature, and is intended more to outline future land use patterns, rather than present land use patterns.

The OCP was adopted by bylaw in 2010 following a series of public information sessions and a formal public hearing. It can only be amended or replaced by bylaw, again following a public hearing. Although the OCP allows considerable room for interpretation, the Municipal Council cannot enact any other bylaw or policy which is not in compliance with the OCP unless the current OCP is amended or replaced.

In addition to setting future land use patterns, the OCP also designates certain sensitive areas within the municipality, which can only be built on or subdivided after first obtaining a development permit from council.

More detailed information can be found on the Ministry of Community, Sports and Cultural Development's website.

Official Community Plan Policies & Objectives

Introduction OCP Statutory Provisions Vision 2025 Strategies & Actions Land Use Plan
Implementation Urban Service Area Map Rural Service Area Map Water Service Map Sanitary Sewer Service Map
Storm Sewer Service Map Road Network Map Parks, Trails & Open Spaces Network Highway Corridor & Downtown Development Permit Areas Map Wildfire Interface Development Permit Area Map

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