Engineering, Public Works, and Operations

The District of Houston Public Works Department delivers a wide range of services to residents and businesses in the District of Houston and its surrounding rural areas. The Public Works Department serves residents and businesses in many ways, mainly in the form of providing and maintaining infrastructure to District residents.

The largest public works component in terms of both expanse and expense is the water and wastewater systems. Water service is available to over 1,300 properties within the District, serviced by a system extending approximately 28 km. Sewer service is available to over 1,300 of the properties within the District, serviced by a system extending approximately 19.5 km.

There are approximately 82.5 km of local streets in the District of Houston that are maintained by the municipal crews, of which 46.4 km are paved and 36.1 km are gravel. Maintenance includes patching, major repairs, sweeping, snow removal, signage and street lighting. The pavement on Highway 16 is maintained by Lakes District Maintenance on behalf or the Ministry of Transportation and Highways.

The District provides residential garbage collection services to approximately 1,000 residences on a weekly basis. Commercial garbage services a provided through a private contractor.

Road repair and maintenance

Public Works handles all kinds of road repair and maintenance issues, ranging from pothole repairs, road marking, cleaning, sidewalk maintenance, installation of traffic signs and weed control. If there is a pothole, damaged or missing sign, or other damage to a road in the District, please contact Municipal Office staff at 250-845-2238 or to report the problem.

Utilities & Underground infrastructure

Public Works is responsible for maintaining utilities and underground infrastructure such as water mains, irrigation systems, sewer mains and storm sewer services. Preventative maintenance programs like water main flushing, sewer cleaning and video inspection are run on an annual basis to ensure that quality service is provided to residents and businesses.

You too can do your part by ensuring that you practice water conservation and keep our sewer clean. Also, please report any issues with the water, sanitary or storm sewer system that you encounter during your travels.

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