Proposed Dungate Community Forest Expansion

Proposed Dungate Community Forest Expansion Project

The District of Houston and the Dungate Community Forest are seeking public input for a proposed expansion to the Dungate Community Forest that would include the Morice Mountain Recreation Area. Community forests are a unique tenure model that provides communities with greater input and control over local forest management. This would allow the public greater power to protect Houston's Naturally Amazing! recreation areas in addition to increases in revenue and funding to be redistributed into our community. By including the Morice Mountain Recreation Area, small scale and recreation-focused operations would be implemented with community input, along with greater wildfire protection measures.

Map of Proposed Expansion Area

Map of Proposed Expansion Area

Community Forest Facts

  • The Morice Mountain Recreation area and the areas adjacent Houston and Buck Flats require special management tailored to the area's unique needs. We propose small scale recreation-focused operations for the Morice Mountain Recreation Area and greater wildfire protection management in the outlying areas.
  • The Dungate Community Forest has injected a lot of funding into the community, but it doesn’t make up for the loss of primary industry or government office closures. More money for diversification can have positive community impacts by generating revenue for community grant distribution, attracting recreation tourism, and increasing community protection against wildfire.
  • The Morice timber supply area that is centered around Houston lags behind adjacent timber supply areas for the proportion of cut allocated to community forests. This proposal brings us closer to an equal share for our community.
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