Annual Reports

Every year pursuant to the section 98 of the Community Charter, the District of Houston publishes an annual report, which compiles accomplishments in the previous year, goals for the upcoming year, and provides financial information to members of the public. These reports are considered annually before June 30, and adopted after being made available to the public for at least two weeks. The Annual Report includes information on:
  • progress on the District's goals and objectives for the previous year;
  • the goals and objectives for the current year;
  • the financial position of the District as of the end of the previous fiscal year;
  • permissive tax exemptions issued by the District for the previous year;
  • disqualifications made pursuant to section 111 of the Community Charter; and
  • any other information the Council considers advisable.

Pursuant to Section 99 of the Community Charter, the District of Houston held an Annual Meeting on Tuesday, June 21, 2022 @ 6:30 PM to consider the 2021 Annual Report in conjunction with any submissions or questions from the public.

The 2021 Annual Report was adopted at the June 21, 2022 Annual Meeting and is available for inspection a the Municipal Office located at 3367-12th Street, Houston BC, or online here

To reduce the environmental impact and costs associated with printing, residents are strongly encouraged to read the 2021 Annual Report online. A printed copy of the Annual Report is also available at the District Office for public inspection.

Published Annual Reports

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