Worker Needs Assessment

Houston Worker Needs Assessment


The Houston Worker Needs Assessment was established with an intent to:

  • Investigate the employment status of workers affected by the Canfor mill closure.
  • Assess the demographic characteristics of the affected workforce.
  • Evaluate workers' educational levels and certifications to identify prevalent skills and areas of expertise.
  • Determine existing skill sets and analyze training needs to facilitate transition planning.
  • Gauge mobility preferences among the impacted workers.
  • Understand barriers to employment that could affect re-employment opportunities.
  • Evaluate the adequacy and utilization of community support systems during transition periods.
  • Assess the broader impacts of the mill closure on the Houston labour force to anticipate future socioeconomic challenges.
To meet these objectives, a comprehensive survey was administered in late March/April 2023, exploring the direct and indirect impacts of the Canfor mill closure. Open to all impacted workers, the survey was developed by the District of Houston and disseminated through various channels, including online and in-person methods, by Houston Link to Learning.

The survey generated responses from 133 individuals, offering insights through multiple choice, open-ended, and scaled response questions.

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